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ZFS - The most Powerful and Affordable
Enterprise NAS Storage solutions

Storage Solutions

ZFS - The Ultimate Storage File System

ZFS stands for Zettabyte File System and is a file system originally developed by Sun Microsystems for building next-generation NAS solutions with better security, reliability, and performance.​

The ZFS SFile System delivers an enterprise NAS storage solution with an advanced architecture that includes a highly intelligent symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) storage OS that takes full advantage of modern multi-core CPUs, enabling you to run multiple workloads and advanced data services without reducing performance. Its unique Hybrid Storage Pool (HSP) architecture automatically caches data on dynamic random access memory (DRAM) or flash cache to provide optimal performance and exceptional efficiency, while ensuring that data remains safely stored on persistent storage such as HDDs or SSDs.

Features of ZFS include protection against data corruption, high storage capacity (256 ZiB), snapshots and copy-on-write clones and continuous integrity checking to name but a few. If you are dealing with large amounts of data, or providing a backing filesystem for virtualization, ZFS is a great choice.

Our Storage solutions are based on the ZFS File System and are built with robust and compatible industry standards compatible hardware. 

If you are considering purchasing a new storage for your organization and want to discuss your needs, you can connect with us through  "Contact Us" form, and we will have our storage expert to contact you shortly and work with you to help you achieve your storage goals.

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